Fairy Garden: Michaels Store’s Accessories

Finally, I had the chance to stop by Michaels Stores to take a look at their fairy garden accessories. They were all 40% off, score! There were quite a few themed collections- Easter, kitschy beach, Americana, woodland creatures, etc. It took me a lot of time to go through each collection and pick items that were the most meaningful, looked good grouped together, and weather well outdoors. This is what I ended-up with:

Does something look wrong to you? If you have a keen design eye or can notice it, it’s the scale of the house compared to each item! It is really driving me nuts. Of course I compared each house and they were all tiny next to the other items. Yes, I am that crazy. >_<‘ I am going to check out Jo-Ann’s collection and also waiting for my Amazon order to compare. To be continued…


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